Snick Snack Peanut Caramel Semifreddo Cake (GF)

Smooth peanut cashew cream with a delectable gooey caramel.  This cake replicates the smoothness of dairy in a 100% vegan mousse packed full of nut proteins, amino acids and omega 3.

A textural chocolate biscuit base and crunchy peanuts topping, sandwiches the silky smooth layers of chocolate peanut and vanilla mousse.  One mouthful will deliver you back to the digging through the party-bags looking for that elusive snickers bar!

Best enjoyed 5-10min out of the freezer to experience the true soft velvety texture of the semifreddo.  Although in summer, we doubt you could sit and stare at this mouth-watering dessert for that long!


Small Rectangle (pictured) 20 x 10cm: Serves 8-12

Medium Rectangle 20 x 15cm: Serves 12-16

Large Square 20 x 20cm: Serves 16-24

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