Golden Playtime (GF) Cake (option of wheat ice cream cone topping)

Vegan cashew-based cake gluten free. Option of wheat-based biscuit toppings.

Now Vegans can enjoy the classic Golden Gaytime caramel chocolate taste without the animal derived gelatin!  Also healthier because it's packed full of cashew nuts.

At Green Gourmet, we have captured the essence of the Golden Gaytime and turned it into a dessert table masterpiece complete with white vanilla, orange butterscotch caramel and dark chocolate layers.

All natural colours, set with melt-in-the-mouth cashew cream, all on a extra crunchy gluten-free chocolate base.  Just close your eyes and savour the childhood memories.  We dare say that it is better for you than the original since you are eating raw cashew nuts!


Small Rectangle 20 x 10cm: Serves 8-12

Medium Rectangle 20 x 15cm: Serves 12-16

Large Square (pictured) 20 x 20cm: Serves 16-24

Note: The cake itself is entirely GF.  We use wheat ice-cream cone pieces and Oreos as decoration which can be replaced with GF chocolate biscuits instead.

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