The Green Gourmet Story - 20 years young

Green gourmet has been creating 100% plant-based meals and banquets since 1998. We do not use meat or dairy products, nor do we use onion, garlic, chives or shallots in our cooking.

Green gourmet is a family run business, which has its focus on nourishing the body and mind by producing food that is nutritious for the body and the development of a balanced mind. We believe in the philosophy of eating well to benefit our body and by doing good to our body, we hope to behave in a compassionate and beneficial manner to others. When the founder of Green Gourmet first introduced tofu dishes in 1984 in his first Chinese restaurant, Gourmets Inn, only 20% of his customers knew or heard about Tofu. How times have changed!  We now not only stock tofu but tofu ice-cream and tofu cream cheese!

When the owner became Vegetarian himself, he established Green Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant at Newtown in Sydney. A forerunner in the vegetarian scene, his creative Chinese dishes have earned him much praise from his customers, some of whom are not vegetarian themselves but do enjoy the variety of textures and tastes to be found in Green Gourmet's extensive menu.  

Vegan's Choice (next door to the Newtown Restaurant) was established in 2000, providing a range of restaurant quality prepared meals and sauces for customers to enjoy variety in their vegetarian lifestyles.  This quickly garnered a following of interstate and intrastate customers who regularly visit Sydney with multiple large eskies to "stock up".

With the success of the Newtown restaurant, we established another Green Gourmet restaurant in St Leonards in 2001 and has never looked back.

Since 2008 Vegan's Choice Grocery was extended to include a Vegan Cake Cafe, baking on-site.  We are specialists in vegan cake and patisserie products baking gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free and bicarb-free cakes.  We have been producing RAW and refined-sugar-free cakes, brownies and slices for many years.

In our 18th year, we have extended our sweet treats selection and now bring them to our customers through an online store. 

Our latest breakthrough is the Vegan, Egg-free Macaron which discards the food colourings for the more natural and vibrant colours found in natures own fresh fruit and vegetables.  We use premium fruit and vegetable juice to get maximum colour in the shell and maximum taste in the healthy chickpea fillings.

In 2018, Green Gourmet became 20 years old and still young at heart.  This has always been a multi-generation family business and we will keep striving to deliver the most extensive range of vegan food to our customers, working on packing in good nutrition along with flavoursome food.